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Students' Voice

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Sarah Elizabeth Berns


NGU students, as well as the students that work at the International Lounge, are always there to talk with you and encourage you to participate in events that many of these students put a lot of their energy into them.
In addition to the NGU students, the faculty is easy to talk to and they are always there when you need help. I enjoy speaking with my Japanese teachers, as well as my Japaenese studies teachers, as they are all unique.
I value the time that I've spent at NGU and would recommend others to come as well.

Festival at Owari-asahi

Visiting Buddhist temple during field tritrip

Lunch with orange orchid during field trip

Ryan Stephen Colgren


Back in my college in America I always heard nothing but amazing things about Nagoya from the people who had studied abroad there. Out of all of my choices, I definitely knew I had to come here. I've had so many life changing experiences, and got to live out one of my biggest dreams: performing in a band and doing a concert. It's because of the people of Nagoya I was able to fulfill this dream. Everybody here has been nothing but helpful and supportive. My experience here has been changed my life for the better.

Practicing for a concert with friends

A picture from after making Tako-Yaki (Japanese food)

Singing in a Karaoke booth with my friends