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  • This site (https://www.ngu.jp/) is the official website of Nagoya Gakuin University.
  • This site is being operated by Nagoya Gakuin University’s Public Relations Office.
  • If there are external links (outside https://www.ngu.jp/) on this website, Nagoya Gakuin University bears no responsibility for the content of these externally linked websites.
  • Any damage or injury from use of this site’s data cannot be compensated by the University.
  • Please send any feedback or comments regarding this site to kouhou@ngu.ac.jp.
  • The information contained in this page is subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.
This site’s copyright is owned by Nagoya Gakuin University. Any unauthorized duplication of the information on this site may be considered copyright infringement.


You are free to use links directing to the official website of Nagoya Gakuin University. However, the URL has to start with https://www.ngu.jp/.
The URLs to sites may change without notice or may become invalid.
Thank you for your understanding.

Checking Browser Behavior

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Latest version of Firefox
Macintosh Latest version of Safari
Smartphones Safari 9.0 or above
Latest version of Chrome
Latest version of Android Browser
The above browsers’ latest versions can be downloaded free of charge from the following pages.

Technology Used


Some pages and files on this website use the below plug-ins. Please download them from their corresponding websites.
Plug-in for Viewing Flash Contents Adobe Flash Player (Latest Version)
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This website uses Javascript for your convenience during use of the site.
If Javascript is not enabled, some contents on this website may not function properly or some pages may not show up, so please enable Javascript when using this site.

SSL(Secure Socket Layer)

This website uses encrypted communication via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to protect the customers’ personal information during transmission. The information passed between this website’s web server and the customers’ browsers are secured using SSL technology.

Information Security Policy

Nagoya Gakuin University (hereinafter referred to as “the University”) promotes the use of information for network-based educational research and university management. The University has to protect the University’s information asset such as network administered by the university and information circulated on this network, computers and information systems, data stored in computers, or any secondary data copied onto paper or the like from electronic data against the threats of leakage, theft, and unauthorized access. Raising awareness on information security and safety has become an important issue, especially with the promotion of using computers in classes, student life support and university management.
The University has established a basic information security policy with the goals of “protection of the information asset against invasion, tampering, destruction, and leaking,” “utilizing the information asset effectively,” and “ensuring social trust,” in order to maintain students’ and parents’ confidence, as well as the society’s confidence.

Protection Measures for Students’ Personal Information

The University is constructing a database of personal information and promoting the use of information based on networks to carry out necessary duties related to education and research guidance of students, students life support and the university operations. Along with protecting the University’s information assets against invasion, tampering, loss, or leaks, as well as earning both the students’ and parents’ trust and social trust, the information assets have to be used effectively. The University is taking university-wide protective measures of establishing regulations related to protection of personal information based on Information Security Policy, as well as complying to the laws, ordinances, and standards set forth by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The University is committed to the protection and appropriate use of personal information by educating the faculty and raising their awareness. The University strives to improve continually while reviewing the ongoing evaluations on the standards of the measures and their compliance to the law. Regarding the initiatives on the University’s student personal information, see the Privacy Policy.


The University is not responsible for the content on any of the websites linked from the University website.
Please understand that the website details and configurations may be changed or suspended without notice.


The University’s homepage does not use cookies.

Server Access Logs, etc

Information related to the pages viewed and IP addresses used to connect to the University’s website will be recorded in the server log. These logs will be used to create statistics for the University. Except for the following cases, information shall not be shared to outside parties.
  • If deemed necessary by law
  • When it is deemed necessary for the public interest or for the interest of the transmitter of the information

Changes to the Privacy Policy

In the future, there may be changes to parts of “Privacy Policy” and “Handling of Personal Information.” If there are any significant changes, there will be a straightforward notification on the University’s homepage.