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The University’s Measures on Protecting Students’ Personal Information

The University creates the database of students’ personal information and utilizes it to carry out the necessary duties related to education and research guidance of students, and student life support. On the other hand, from the standpoint of respect for personal dignity and fundamental human rights, personal information with a focus on privacy must be securely protected. The University is committed to protecting personal information while complying with the laws and ordinances concerning protection of personal information and with the standards and guidelines set by Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The University is also committed to the protection and appropriate use of personal information by educating the entire faculty and raising their awareness, and implementing technological and organizational measures on the collection, management, use, disclosure, and sharing of personal information, and by establishing University regulations related to the protection of personal information based on University-wide Information Security Policy. The University strives to improve continually while reviewing the evaluations on the standards of the measures and their compliance.

Protection of Students’ Personal Information

When utilizing students’ personal information, with consideration for the utility of it, the university has established “Regulations Related to Protection of Students’ Personal Information,” with the aim of protecting the rights and interests of the students. The regulations are as follows.

Students’ Personal Information
Personal information of current and past students and prospective students are defined as any personal information that can identify the individual such as the name, date of birth, and other descriptions (including those that can be easily compared with other information to identify the individual).

Database of Students’ Personal Information
The Database of Students’ Personal Information is a collection of information including Students’ Personal Information, where student information is assembled, filed, and systematically organized so that the specific student’s personal information can be searched for with a computer, and where personal information relevant to the individual, which can be searched for via individual names and individual numbers and codes and other symbols, are recorded and stored.

Specification of the Purpose of Use
The students’ personal information shall be used to carry out operations necessary for the University’s education and student life support.

Notification of the Purpose of Use
When personal information is obtained from the student either via a written form or electronically, the purpose of use of the information shall be explicitly stated when necessary. Also, when there is a change to the purpose of use, the student shall be notified directly of the change, or there will be a public notification.

Ensuring Data Accuracy
The students’ personal data shall be stored accurately and updated with the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

Safety Management Measures
The following measures are being taken to securely manage and protect students’ personal information from leaks and loss.
  • A director shall be designated with clear authority to conduct necessary and appropriate supervision of the secure management of the students’ personal data during use of the data
  • In case of personal information being stored on paper, the same measures shall be taken
  • When a part or all of the handling of students’ personal data is outsourced, proper supervision shall be conducted at the contractor to ensure secure management

Restriction of Provision to Third Parties
Students’ personal data, except in the following cases, require prior consent from the student before it can be shared to third parties, except for the contractor. The following measures are being taken to securely manage and protect students’ personal information from leaks and loss.
  • When required by law
  • When it is necessary for the security of the individual’s life, body, or property, and there is a serious obstruction to obtaining the individual’s consent
  • When the University President recognizes it as necessary

Disclosure of Personal Data
When a student, his/her parents, or his/her sponsor(s) requests disclosure of the student’s personal data, the student’s personal data shall be disclosed. However, when it is appropriate not to have it disclosed, all or a part of the information may not be disclosed. In this case, the requester shall be notified of the reason(s) for the non-disclosure.

Changes to Personal Data, etc.
When a student, his/her parents, or his/her sponsor(s) requests to change, add, or delete (hereinafter “Changes, etc.”) a part or all of the data because of inaccuracies in the personal data, an investigation will be required within the necessary scope for this use, and the Changes, etc. to the personal data will be made based on the findings of the investigation. Also, when it has been concluded that Changes, etc. will not be made to a part or all of the personal data, the requester shall be notified of the reason for this (when there are Changes, etc., the revised portions will be included).

Use of Personal Information

Personal information of students (current and past students, and prospective students) and sponsors (including parents and payers of tuition fees) are used in education-related operations such as admissions, welfare, scholarship, academic information, and grade books and tuition billings sent to the guarantor, as well as to promote support for student life activities, career-related activities, and use of facilities. If there is a change to the purpose of the use, the party affected shall be notified of the change, or there shall be a public notification. Details on operations and student support using personal data are as follows.

Students’ Personal Information

Basic Information Name, Date of Birth, Address, Telephone Number, Sex, Nationality, Guarantor, Billing Address, etc.
Admissions Admission Applications, Management of Applicants’ Screening Tests, Admission Procedures (including Transfers and Re-Admission), Renewal of Student ID, etc.
Welfare Information Meetings with Parents, Registrations, Clubs, Awards, Scholarships, etc.
Academic Information Registration, Registration History, Attendance, Tests, Classroom Management, Handling of Grades, Academic Encouragement, Record of Courses for Teaching Qualifications, Credits, Graduation, Conferment of Degree, Short-term, Mid-term, and Long-term Studies Abroad, Aptitude Tests, etc.
Student Information Leave of Absence, Reinstatement, Re-Admission, Expulsion, Expulsion Procedures, Transfer, Transfer Procedures, etc.
Student Life Class Advisers, Use of Welfare Facilities, Selection and Issuance and Repayment of Scholarships, Regular Health Check-ups, Regular Health Consultations, Support for Extracurricular Activities, etc.
Career Course Registration, Records of Job Search, Qualification Courses, Qualifications Obtained, etc.
Use of Facilities Library, Computers, Parking, Training Camp Facilities, etc.
Others Tuition Information, Contact Information, Cancellations, Timetables, Issuance of Certificates, Dispositions due to School Regulations, etc.

Personal Information of Sponsors (including Payers of Tuition Fees)

Personal Information Name, Address, Phone Number
Items to be Sent Grades, Tuition Payment Forms

Summary of Students’ Personal Information

The student’s permission is required before his or her personal information may be shared to a third party. However, the following cases are excluded from the requirement.
  • When a part of the duties related to handling personal information are to be entrusted to a person or group outside the University
    Applications, sponsor information, students’ addresses, mobile phone numbers, and information provided on the “Nagoya Gakuin University Alumni Data Sheet” are outsourced to computerize data. When operations are outsourced, the director(s) will be bound to make a contract ensuring safe management and compliance to rules related to confidentiality and prohibition of alterations and additions to the personal data.

  • When information necessary for the student’s educational guidance is to be shared with the sponsors (parents and payers of tuition fees)
    Individual educational guidance in cooperation with the sponsors is set up with the purpose of aiding education, and, along with notifications about low attendance when necessary, the “grade book” shall be sent to the sponsor(s) or to the billing address upon completion of the semester’s grading.

  • When there is an inquiry from the parents at a meeting with the parents
    Individual consulting shall be done with the parents sharing information about the student such as status of credits, fulfillment of promotion and graduation requirements, and class attendance.

  • When personal information is shared at the alumni meetings
    At alumni meetings, students’ basic information (name, postal code, address, phone number) and place of employment shall be shared. Upon graduating, you give your “consent” when you submit “Nagoya Gakuin University Alumni Data Sheet (New Graduates).”

Obtaining Personal Information

The students’ personal information may be requested using the following methods.
  • From a window on the Campus Communication System (hereinafter referred to as ‘CCS’)
  • Submitting a written form to a prescribed reception

Viewing History

CCS uses the authentication files to create portal sites for the each student. When use of CCS ends, the authentication files will be deleted. When CCS is not closed properly, the authentication files may be left on the computer.


In the future, the University may make revisions to parts of the Privacy Policy and Handling Personal Information. If there is a significant change, the University shall notify you via the University’s homepage, CCS, or a bulletin board in a straightforward manner.