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Tuition / Scholarship

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Application Fee JPY 10,000
Entrance Fee (1st semester) JPY 160,000
Tuition (1st semester) JPY 160,000
Tuition (2nd semester) JPY 320,000
Japanese National Health Insurance * -
Airport Pick up** JPY 10,000
* All the students are obliged to enroll in the Japanese National Health Insurance even if they have other insurance coverage. About 70 % of medical costs are normally covered by the national insurance, and patients are required to pay 30% of the cost.

** Airport Pick up fee is JPY10,000 per person.


Eligible Applicants IJS international students (Expected period: one year)
Application period July / December
Number of Scholarships A few
Where to apply International Center Office
Announcement of results September / February
Value JPY 80,000 - 160,000
  1. Students will be selected at the Faculty Meeting of IJS.
  2. Attendance: more than 80% attendance required.
  3. GPA: higher more than 3.0
  4. Financial situation
    *IJS will not disclose information about the selection.
Other IJS Scholarships must be returned in the following cases:
  1. Expulsion or suspension from IJS
  2. False statements in the application form
  3. Change of study period to period shorter than two semesters.