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About the Courses

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As a part of NGU, IJS provides courses in Japanese language and Japan-related subjects for international students.
It also provides preparation for students seeking admission to a regular degree program at a Japanese university.

Japanese Language

Subject Credits TERM
Japanese I 8 Spring,Fall,Winter
Japanese II 8 Spring,Fall,Winter
Japanese III 8 Spring,Fall,Winter
Japanese IV 6 Spring,Fall,Winter
Japanese V 2 Spring,Fall,Winter
Japanese Liguistics1 2 Spring
Japanese Liguistics2 2 Fall
Japanese Speaking 1 Fall

Japanese Area Studies

Subject Credits TERM
Japanese Religion 2 Fall
Japanese History 2 Fall
Japanese Literature 2 Spring, Fall
Japanese Economy 2 Spring
Japanese Business Management 2 Spring, Fall
Japanese Society 2 Spring, Fall
Japanese Tourism 2 Spring, Fall
Japanese Culture 2 Spring, Fall
Japan's International Relationships 2 Fall
Japanese Scientific Technique 2 Spring
Natural Enviroment of Japan 2 Spring, Fall
Seminar on Japanese Studies 1-2 2 Spring, Fall
Japanese Intercultural Communication 2 Spring, Fall
Sports 1-3 2 Spring, Fall
Internship 2 Fall


Please download curriculum file from following link.

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