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Seto Campus

Seto Campus

1.Kibo Building

Kibo Building

Facilities for courses such as exercise therapy, prosthetics, physical therapy, water therapy, and daily life activities are available here.

2.Shigyo Building

Shigyo Building

There is a nursery room, a playroom for early childhood education, an observation room, a physiological laboratory, and a computer lab.



The symbol of the University. The magnificent chapel soothes the soul.
The pipe organ was made in the northern Germany’s Baroque tradition by the late Hiroshi Tsuji.

4.Joint Classrooms

Joint Classrooms

The classrooms can be used in a variety of ways such as lectures or applied training.



The library can hold up to 480,000 books. The library, in conjunction with the Nagoya Campus Library, supports the University’s education and research. It is open to the public.

6.Shisei Building

Shisei Building

Marche, a bright and trendy cafeteria, is on the second floor of the Shisei Building. A convenience store and a stationery-bookstore Maruzen is on the first floor.

7.Keimei Building

Keimei Building

A stage is installed on the roof.

8.Wheat Garden(Bakuryu-en)

Wheat Garden(Bakuryu-en)

From the bus stop, a walk along a promenade will find you in the Wheat Garden, a wide resting area centered around a water fountain.

9.Water Fountain Futaba

Water Fountain Futaba

The water fountain in the middle of the Wheat Garden. It was constructed with the students’ growth in mind.

10. Cosmos Dormitory

Cosmos Dormitory

A dormitory on the campus.
There are five one-person rooms and 14 two-person rooms.

11. Friendship Camp

 Friendship Camp

Clubs and circles use this as a training camp site.

12. Pottery Studio

Pottery Studio

A full-fledged pottery studio with a climbing kiln. Pottery classes and the Pottery Club use this room.

13. Climbing Kiln “Sozogama”

Climbing Kiln “Sozogama”

Sozogama is a chambered climbing kiln, composing of two separate kilns.

14. Gymnasium


The general gymnasium has Taraflex flooring used in international competitions.
A table tennis room, a judo-jo, and a training room are included, and they are used both for teaching and for the community.

15. Sports Facilities

  • First Ground: Rugby field, American football field, (renewed in February 2008)
  • Second Ground: Soccer field
  • Baseball field
  • Futsal court
  • 13 tennis courts
  • Golf driving range
  • Archery range
  • Horse riding ground
  • Shaolin dojo
  • Karate dojo
  • Indoor swimming pool

First Ground

First Ground

Indoor swimming pool

Indoor swimming pool