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Nagoya Campus

Nagoya Campus

<Shirotori Academic Building>

1.Akebono Building

Akebono Building

The heart of Nagoya Campus. Rooms include classrooms, special classrooms for information studies, an academic information center, and a restaurant, among others.

2.Tsubasa Building: Built on the 50th Anniversary

Tsubasa Building

Student Amenities Building(Built in March 2010).
A student lounge, Amenity Corner, Career Center, License Center, Education Center, Health Center, classrooms, and a hall are all here.
Solar-powered, this building is environmentally-friendly.

3.Nozomi Building

Nozomi Building

Building for Student Support(Built in January 2015).
With an Education Learning Center, a Student Support Center, Student Rooms, this building aims to encourage students to stimulate each other’s learning and growth.

4.Izumi Building

Izumi Building

The gymnasium is directly connected with the Akebono Building, and the main arena is on the 2nd floor, with two small gymnasiums and a training room on the first floor. From the Akebono Building, you can see club activities and gym classes being conducted here.
There is also an i-Lounge, where students socialize with each other and various events are held.



The Chapel, a symbol of the Nagoya campus, is located on the north side of the main entrance. It is characterized by its red-brick facade, blending with the Akebono and Izumi Buildings, and its Carion(Bell Tower) stretching up to the sky.

6.Academic Information Center

Academic Information Center

Located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the Akebono Building, the building provides comprehensive learning support, with the library on the 3rd floor and a learning commons on the 4th floor where laptops can be used, and group study can be done. The library is open to the public.

7.Klein Hall

Klein Hall

A 500-person hall on the 4th floor of the Tsubasa Building. The hall is named after the founder of the University, Dr. Frederick Charles Klein.

8.Restaurant(Akebono Buiding)

Restaurant(Akebono Hall)

A food bar is on the first floor of the East Wing of Akebono Building, and the cafeteria is on the second floor. The first floor’s Noodle Corner and second floor’s daily special Swan Lunch are popular with the students. The open, bright space can be used not only for lunch, but also to chat with friends, read books, and just to relax.

9.Shops(Akebono Building)

Shops(Akebono Building)

A 7-Eleven and Mos Burger are on the 1st floor of the Akebono Building.

10.Shops(Tsubasa Building)

Shops(Tsubasa Building)

Maruzen, a book and stationery shop, and a lunch shop chronus are on the first floor of the Tsubasa Building.

11. Restaurant(Nozomi Building)

Restaurant(Nozomi Building)

On the first floor of the Nozomi Building, there is a restaurant, Bistro Earth. You can enjoy a meal in its roomy space.

12. Atrium


The entrance is a staircase atrium that connects the floors from the first to the fourth floors. Doubling as space for the students to relax, the atrium is also a lounge with communication features.

13. International Seminar House

International Seminar House

Dormitory and accommodation for international students and exchange students. There’s also a community lounge, so any student is free to visit, and it has become a vibrant center for international exchange. Every semester Resident Assistants(RA)look for Japanese students to live here as well.

14. Clubhouse and Training Camp “Yuai”

Clubhouse and Training Camp “Friendship”

A clubhouse with rooms for various clubs. At the Meeting House next door, you can see students passionately discussing their clubs’ policies and activities.