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Application Procedures

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Application Procedures for IJS International Students

Please read the application procedures, fill out the forms and enclose when submitting the application.
If you wish to study at NGU as an exchange student from one of our partner universities, please contact the international advisor of your home institution.

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Number of Incoming students

  Spring Fall Total
2021 0 0 0
2022 7 20 27
2023 10 25 35

Tuition and Miscellaneous fees


JPY 640,000 / year
  • 1st Semester JPY 320,000 (including Entrance Fee of JPY 160,000)
  • 2nd Semester JPY 320,000

Living Expenses

On-Campus Dormitories
International Seminar House(Including utility costs)
120,000-140,000 yen / Per Semester
90,000-105,000 yen / Winter Interim
International Seminar House Annex(including utility costs)
120,000-140,000 yen / Per Semester
90,000-105,000 yen / Winter Interim
Off-Campus Dormitories(including utility costs)
Single Room 40,000 yen / per month

Japanese National Health Insurance

All the students are obliged to enroll in the Japanese National Health Insurance even if they have other insurance coverage. About 70 % of medical costs are normally covered by the national insurance, and patients are required to pay 30% of the cost. The monthly premium varies depending on the municipality. The more income you earn with a part-time job, the higher the premium you will be required to pay. However, a premium reduction plan may be available. For further information, please visit the National Health Insurance section at the municipal or ward office.

On campus Personal Accident Insurance

According to school policy, all the NGU students, whether Japanese or international, are obliged to hold this insurance during the term of enrollment. This insurance is effective when you suffer any disaster or accident in school activities or injury while commuting to school.

Contact IJS

International Center / Institute for Japanese Studies
Address: 1-25 Atsuta-nishimachi, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, Aichi,Japan 456-8612
TEL: +81(52)678-4093 / FAX: +81(52)682-6824
E-mail: kouryuu-center@ngu.ac.jp