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Message from the President

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‘Learning’ and ‘giving’ will give you true growth.

Our University is founded on the Christian spirit “Fear God, Love People,” and our goal is ‘to foster our ambitions and global awareness, and to prepare leaders who will be able to contribute to society.’

“Fear God” means to be humble before everything that exists around you, and to learn humbly. Also, “Love People” means to love one another, but this has been an eternal task for the human race. However, if we start with giving and keep on giving, we can get even a little closer to the goal of love.
‘Learning’ and ‘giving’ is not that easy. However, within these difficulties lie hidden the seeds of growth.

We have 8 departments covering 11 subjects, each developing a unique, diverse pedagogy, and the University as a whole is dedicated to providing traditional, international human resources, civil small-group classes, career training with a high employment rate, cutting-edge information sciences utilizing information and communication technologies, and nationally-renowned regional consortium programs. Here, you will gain specialized knowledge, abilities, and fundamental skills necessary to be a productive member of the society. But the most important thing is to have the power to forge yourself a new path when you come upon a wall where the skills and knowledge you’ve learned won’t help you. This essential power can be gotten from “Learning” and “Giving” behind our University’s spirit. This power will set a great foundation towards building a fruitful life.

I hope you will gain the proper mindset to face what cannot be seen by the eyes. By this, the pleasure of learning and the greatness of giving will naturally spring forth. The NGU Team is committed to supporting your growth.


Kobayashi Koichi
Born in Onomichi, Hiroshima in 1959. After completion without a degree from the Doctoral Program of the Graduate School of Economics at the Kobe University, appointed as a Lecturer of Economics at Nagoya Gakuin University in April, 1986. Professor of the Nagoya Gakuin Faculty of Economics and the Graduate School of Economics from 1998. Served as the Head of the Faculty of Economics, and then Head of Contemporary Social Studies, inaugurated as the University President in April, 2017. Ph.D. in Economics. Specializing in Social Policy and Social Security.