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Welcome to the i-Lounge!!
The International Lounge has specialized staff, student TAs with international study experience, and foreigner TAs providing support in foreign-language learning and preparation for studies abroad.
We are passionate about providing opportunities to experience not only different cultures, societies, or languages, but also multiculturalism.

i-Lounge is located in our new campus Global Links. This facility was opened in Sep. 2019, and this is a place where various people from around the world with different languages and cultures gather. By connecting with people and enjoying the many differences, you will feel closer to the world.

Global Links 1F

▶ Community Link

▶ Step Link

▶ Multi Lingual & Cultural Lounge

▶ English Lounge

▶ i-Station

Global Links 2F

▶ Reading Space

▶ Lecture Room

▶ Study Space

i-Lounge’s 4 Special Features

1. i-Lounge Student TA
At the i-Lounge, students with study-abroad experience, as Teaching Assistants (TAs), organize events and provide support for your language studies. You can talk with them about anything about the world, or even about regular classes or student life. Feel free to talk to them. TAs have experience in studying abroad, and you can talk to them in English, Chinese, or Korean.

2. Socializing with Japanese Students and Foreign Students
i-Lounge is a place where Nagoya Gakuin University’s Japanese students and foreign students gather. During lunch, or just when you have time, you can interact with Japanese students just by coming to i-Lounge. Japanese students are very interested in learning about the world, so don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with them, too. First, why not go and find out about i-Lounge’s various events. This is a great way to make friends with Japanese students.

3. Various Events
i-Lounge regularly hosts events where you can socialize with Japanese students. There are many fun events such as the World Food Festival with foods from different countries, the Sports Festival where everybody can get active together, and the International Social Camp at the Seto Campus.

4. Learning Support for Many Languages
i-Lounge has an array of language resources, not only for Japanese, but also for foreign languages such as English, Chinese, and Korean. If you are studying Japanese right now, or thinking about studying another language, please make good use of these resources. There are many different kinds of materials such as language practice books, DVDs, super subtitles, books, information appliances, and language learning printouts, so please come and find which method fits you the best!

What You Can Do at i-Lounge

At the i-Lounge, we provide several different language learning supports tailored to individual needs, ranging from having everyday chats with Japanese students to practicing conversations in Japanese. A myriad of language materials is available, ushering in the growth of an environment where you can learn languages seriously while having fun.

01 Permanent Features

1. Language Learning Support
If you don’t understand something in Japanese, you can ask the i-Lounge staff. We provide a wide range of Japanese learning support.

2. Consultation
i-Lounge’s student TAs with study-abroad experience is ready to help you with studying, as well as with student life. Rather than holding it in, please consult with different people.

3. Socializing with Japanese Students and Foreign Students
Many Japanese students use i-Lounge, so you can interact with them when you want to. Japanese students are very interested in foreign countries, so don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with them, too.

4. Chat Salons
Chat Salons are free conversation lessons from Japanese students and foreign students teaching you their mother tongues (such as Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean). Opening every semester, they are held at a prearranged day and time every week. Registration is done at the beginning of every semester.

5. Language Table
Language Table is a (free) program where you can practice conversations in small groups (Japanese, English, Chinese). Each lesson is self-contained, so you can book a lesson that fits into your plans.

6. Language Learning Materials
There are a large number of language learning materials at the i-Lounge. Most materials can be borrowed, so please come look for easy-to-use materials for yourself. There are plenty of reference books for languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, as well as Japanese.

7. I-Lounge Radio
i-Lounge’s website delivers Internet radio randomly several times every month. We invite a variety of guests, so please come and have a listen.

8. i-Lounge Times
The newspaper i-Lounge Times comes out every month. Topics range from recommended movies, funny stories abroad, and experiences of older students, to common mistakes in English. Feel free to take one.

9. Facebook
We share the latest news, information about events, and photos about our seasonal events on our i-Lounge Facebook page. Please like our page to follow us.

10. World Travelers Café
In the Café’s casual atmosphere, Japanese students with study-abroad experience and foreign students explain about their personal experiences and mother languages, sharing interesting things they’ve experienced abroad and different customs and cultures.