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International Lounge

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Welcome to i-Lounge!

This is a place where various people from around the world with different languages and cultures gather. By connecting with people and enjoying the many differences, you will feel closer to the world.

i-Lounge Features

1. Supportive Staff

In addition to regular teachers and staff, we have some supportive student groups at the International Lounge. They help with English learning, Japanese learning and plan various kinds of events where you can learn about different cultures.

2. Socializing with Japanese Students and Various Events

▶ Socializing with Japanese Students

i-Lounge is a place where Nagoya Gakuin University’s Japanese and foreign students gather.During the lunch period, or whenever you have a free moment, you can interact with Japanese students and other foreign students just by coming to i-Lounge.There are many Japanese students who want to talk with foreign students, so don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with them!

▶Various Events

i-Lounge regularly hosts events where you can socialize with Japanese students. There are many fun events such as the World Food Festival with foods from different countries, the Sports Festival where everybody can get active together, and the International Camp at our Seto Campus. These are all good opportunities to get to know Japanese students, so please join our events!

3. Learning Support and Programs

▶ Tutoring program

This program is for those interested in having a tutor.
One foreign student will be matched with one Japanese student tutor.The tutor will act as your conversation partner with whom you can discuss Japanese language, culture, and customs.
The tutor is another student, so it’s easy to be friends!

▶ Kaiwa Salon

This is a program where we ask foreign students to teach NGU students about their language once a week.
It’s not only for language but this is also a cross culture exchange program where you can share about popular food, TV programs, school life, and other things from your country.