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Graduate School of Foreign Languages

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English Major

This program consists of five courses: English Education, English Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, English Phonology and English Literature. It is designed to help graduate students conduct advanced studies in these fields and also develop their English skills for practical purposes, such as for academic writing. Those who plan to teach English at junior or senior high school can obtain an English teacher’s certificate. Our faculty members are very active in research fields and are able to instruct students with thorough professionalism.

International culture and Cooperation Major

This program of academic studies is for students who are interested in the field of the international cooperation. It is designed to provide graduate students with an advanced understanding of modern globalization in our international society. The main purpose of the program is to train students so that, after graduation, they will be able to work as specialists for international organizations, educational organizations, local government institutions or as NPO/NGO activists.

Correspondence courses(English Major)

Master’s Program

This program is the only correspondence program in Japan to offer an M.A. degree in English Studies. Those interested in pursuing the degree can do so, while continuing to work at their jobs. The program provides training in research methods in several fields, including Linguistics (phonetics, syntax, and semantics), English Education and Applied Linguistics, as well as in many areas of English and American Literature.

Doctoral Program

This correspondence program offers students the opportunity to earn a Ph.D. degree in several English-related fields, such as Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, including English Education, as well as in many areas of English and American Literature. It is basically designed for the working professional, who has the desire and ability to do advanced academic work in her/his area of specialization. The program makes it possible for professionals with full-time jobs to advance themselves in their research field. The aim of this program is to produce researchers with genuine competence in their areas of specialization. Our faculty members inspire graduate students with a genuine passion for research.