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Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration

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Master’s Program in Master of Economics

The fast-changing global economy, the expanding Japanese economy and the escalating activities of regional economies all demand that business administration experts deal with intensive changes in the economic environment. At present, experts with professional knowledge are needed in many different economic fields. The Economics Major has added many new courses in 2007. While increasing the practical content of many course, several courses lasting for one half-term (4 months) are now offered at night, so that more working people from society-at-large can have a chance to take them. Additionally, improvements in the existing program have been made to facilitate advanced research in various fields of economics.

Management Policy Program(1st-term of Doctoral Program)

This program was revised in 2007 to help maintain the economic development of Nagoya and its position as "enterprise and regional industrial solution provider." We created two courses, including a "dissertation course," which deals with high-level theory, skills acquisition and obtaining qualification certificates, and a "solution provider course," for acquiring the practical administration skills of business managers, administration managers and professional managers. The courses are sharply focused on the acquisition of both practical skills and theories of administration, and are taught by professionals with rich practical experience in the real world of business.

The first goal of solution course designed for the public is to allow working students to search for solutions to problems, which they frequently encounter in their workplaces in enterprises and in industry by bringing them into the classroom for examination with their teachers. In order to enable busy people who hold down jobs in society to take part in this program, the program can be finished in one year. Five carefully selected subjects are available for study: Marketing, Solutions to Financial Problems, Improvements in Production/Productivity, Improved Systems Operations and Agribusiness. Classes meet weekday evenings and Saturdays. Problems, which students encounter on their jobs, form the subjects for discussion in the classroom and the teachers and students search for practical solutions together. Through such a process, high-quality research projects can be completed in a short time with beneficial results. Ideas and concepts learned in the university classroom can be applied directly in the workplace and students' new experiences can be used by teachers in future classes. In this way, a meaningful, interactive classroom environment is created. This method is very different from teaching approaches, which restrict discussion to one specific working environment. Through discussions with people of varied backgrounds, students gain better understanding of their own work, learn to explain their work situations objectively and find ways to solve problems that are acceptable to all interested parties. This program develops highly useful analytical abilities that cannot be developed on the job.

Management Policy Course(Second term of the Doctoral Program)

The Doctor's Degree program is mainly for the public. Students are taught their courses at the campus building, which is located in downtown Nagoya area. The course focuses on high-level research on subjects related to business administration, such as enterprise accounting, marketing, international business administration, industrial systems, etc. The students write a dissertation to present the results of their research and qualified students are awarded a Doctor's Degree (Business Administration).